Enterprise data governance

Enhance regulatory compliance and earn greater trust from customers and suppliers.

Enterprise data governance

IRUDA is a data governance platform that combines data integration, standardization, quality management, and flow management.​
A fully integrated solution that creates reliable enterprise data for users.
​In addition, users can centralize their data lifecycle to improve the quality and consistency of information across.

Personal Information Protection​

IRUDA helps you comply with privacy regulations and manages your personal information from a single point of view to see who generates data, has ownership, and how it is utilized.​

Data Catalog​

IRUDA categorizes business, technical, and operational data characteristics and can be used to manage, supervise, and measure future data governance processes.

Role-based security​

IRUDA provides a robust security framework that controls access to systems, business topics, tables, and areas so that only authorized users can access information.

Search and Filtering​

IRUDA provides a user-centric front end for retrieving user metadata. Filter and search capabilities allow you to view your company’s history list by condition.

History and Audit​

​IRUDA maintains a history of all changes, including the creation, modification, and deletion of data made in each module. Users can easily audit records about who did what, when, and where the affected objects were.
Quickly find, understand and
govern your data​
Ensure compliance and
mitigate risks​
Drive a common language around
data to speed decision making

Customer Success Stories

KB Kookmin Bank

Establishment of KB Kookmin Bank’s corporate data governance

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For training, support, or more information on one of our products, visit our support portal.

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