Customer Success Stories

National Assembly Secretariat

Establishment of Human Resources MDM by the National Assembly Secretariat

Key Issues

  • Personal information of users registered in the HR system (members of the National Assembly, members of the parliamentary office, etc.) is not currently being distributed and shared on time
  • Basic information exists due to an insufficient verification process after user registration in the HR system. However, information such as issuance and concurrent positions does not match actual information.


  • In the HR system, change data is identified when new or changed user information, reorganization and information of the organization, dispatch, and concurrent duties occur.
  • Data and data attributes are separated according to mapping criteria defined for each user group through employee extraction, according to pre-defined rules.
  • Manage distribution, recording, and tracking for each system/cycle.


  • Information generated and changed (including leaving the company) in the office personnel system was verified according to the prescribed rules, and the verified data was distributed to the relevant systems (14 systems) promptly, allowing effective synchronization.
  • The timing of application for each system was the same, the time difference of information was eliminated, and the accuracy of worker information, such as concurrent positions, was improved.