Data Lineage

Extract, transform and load various data formats with an
efficient, easy-to-use drag-and-drop GUI


  • Q-Track provides visual flow information, including the source and path of data, enabling you to track and manage life cycles from data creation to disposal.​
  • In addition, you can easily track data sources that fail and eliminate bugs that occur during changes to enhance data loss prevention.

Data Transparency​

Q-Track tracks the entire lifecycle and all associated processes from data generation to disposal, enhancing transparency and understanding of information.

Impact Analysis​

QualityStream helps you improve and maintain your data quality by ensuring its consistency and accuracy through data governance rules and processes.

Compliance with regulations​

Q-Track records the entire flow of data to ensure data integrity and transparency. This allows users to accurately view the flow of data and ensure that business content is not outside the legal and standard boundaries.​

Error Correction​

With Q-Track, you can understand how data is accessed, translated, and shared across the enterprise, so you can see what reports have been impacted by the error sequence.
Automate lineage mapping and maintenance​
Get enterprise-wide visibility into your data​
Maintain compliance and mitigate risks​

Customer Success Stories

Korean Intellectual Property Office

Establishment of a Data Quality Monitoring system for the Korean Intellectual Property Office

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For training, support, or more information on one of our products,
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For training, support, or more information on one of our products, visit our support portal.

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