Big data/data fabric-based integrated data AI/ML analysis environment.
In today’s business environment, the true value of enterprise data comes from turning its data into actionable insights that support decision making. From Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and big data solutions to data fabrics, DataStreams can help enterprises turn logs of data into meaningful insights, minimizing IT costs.

We provide a complete set of data management solutions as a unified infrastructure. From data integration and warehousing to a set of widely trusted data governance solutions, DataStreams powerfully resides over the whole spectrum of all data processes for consistent and trusted data use.

AI/ML Service TeraONE IDEA

AI/ML Service

Integrated artificial intelligence (AI/ML) analysis environment platform that allows you to easily process and analyze big data to find solutions.

One Stop AIConfiguration of development

Create optimized AI development environments when necessary and efficiently manage its resources.

Integrated management of MLOps-based AI service development/operation

Automated management of the entire lifecycle of planning, development, operation and optimization of AI services

Personalized AI/ML development
environment support

Optimize an independent AI development environment by model and user (group),
to support model development packages.

Data Pipeline

In conjunction with TereaONE SuperQuery, pre-explore various heterogeneous distributed
source data based on catalogs, extract and integrate data from heterogeneous sources to transfer to AI models.

Analytical model lifecycle management
and MLOps

Step-by-step analysis assessment supports Pipeline and model lifecycle management to
quickly reflect and learn changes and improves model performance through continuous evaluation,
re-learning, and remediation to ensure optimal performance.

Visualization analysis experience

Quickly visualize analysis results using the Apache Zeplin tool without complex coding,
sharing information for C-Levels, marketers, and administrators.

Customer Success Stories

Korea Data Agency

We have established an integrated data safety zone operation system by introducing the …

KB Kookmin Bank

For the first time in the financial sector, KB Kookmin Bank has established a user …

SK Group

We conducted data governance-based Data Lake construction consulting to effectively …

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If you would like to know more about one of our products and how
they can help your business, click below and get in touch.
If you would like to know more about one of our products and how they can help your business, click below and get in touch.