Biz Metadata Management

Metadata and business term management solution.
In today’s business environment, the true value of enterprise data comes from turning its data into actionable insights that support decision making. From Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and big data solutions to data fabrics, DataStreams can help enterprises turn logs of data into meaningful insights, minimizing IT costs.

We provide a complete set of data management solutions as a unified infrastructure. From data integration and warehousing to a set of widely trusted data governance solutions, DataStreams powerfully resides over the whole spectrum of all data processes for consistent and trusted data use.

Management Service MetaStream for BizData

Providing detailed descriptive information to facilitate easy data discovery and enable various types of analysis according to the perspectives of business and operational users. The data classification and organization are optimized considering accessibility, convenience, usability, and security, ensuring that users can find the data they need and access it in the desired format.

Data documentation
for users

Managing descriptions of business data from the perspectives of end users, administrators, and data analysts in order to facilitate their utilization in practical work.


Management of Business Terminology, Formulas, Rationale, and Report Authors as required by users in various reports, screens, and presentations.

Utilized dataset

Management of Business Terminology and Classification System, Standard Coefficients, Formulas, Rationale, and SQL Books, as well as report classification-based search, comparison, and data linking.

BizMeta definitions
and explanations

We focus on documents that include report and screen names, items, descriptions, and
formulas, as well as data represented in OLAP databases, reports, and screens presented in formats like Excel.

BizMeta classification
and association

The relevant data used by each department is loaded into the business metadata, enabling sharing and utilization.
This includes reports and screens that are necessary to enhance work efficiency and effectiveness.

Foundation for utilizing
business metadata

Identify the targets for standardizing business terms and perform morphological analysis to standardize business terms.
After the standardization process, mapping between business terms and standard terms is conducted, and
the results of the reported linkage are loaded into the business metadata management system.

data search

Combine and explore business metadata, IT metadata, and quality information.
You can search for column information and related tables, as well as perform integrated searches through BI portals and
API integration to provide data for unified search.

Business terminology
and standard terms

Connecting business terms and IT metadata (logical names, column names), linking business terms with reports, and
connecting report-specific item-level formulas, derivation basis, and SQL statements.
It also links SQL statements with table and column information for quality verification based on SQL statements.

Create, modify and
approve new BizMeta

Functions for registering, modifying, and deleting business terms, codes, and BizMeta,
as well as the ability to request and approve such actions.
Also allows searching for and monitoring the usage status of BizMeta and verifying and confirming the results.

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If you would like to know more about one of our products and how they can help your business, click below and get in touch.