Metadata Management

Metadata-based data standardization and
metadata management solution.

Metadata-based data standardization and metadata management solution.

In today’s business environment, the true value of enterprise data comes from turning its data into actionable insights that support decision making. From Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and big data solutions to data fabrics, DataStreams can help enterprises turn logs of data into meaningful insights, minimizing IT costs.

We provide a complete set of data management solutions as a unified infrastructure. From data integration and warehousing to a set of widely trusted data governance solutions, DataStreams powerfully resides over the whole spectrum of all data processes for consistent and trusted data use.

Metadata Management Service MetaStream

Standardize all desired enterprise-wide data, enabling monitoring and ensuring data integrity. Manage changes and updates through workflows, including model integration, database management, and metadata collection.


Multiple standard management functions for different business units and systems.

data distribution

Automated distribution of standardized metadata, including terms, words, domains, and codes.

Big data environment support

Big data platform environments like Hive and Impala can benefit from data quality diagnosis functions.

Cloud interworking supported

Data collection and integration possible for cloud platforms such as NCloud and AWS, including S3 and Redshift.

Metadata management

Identify various metadata sources from internal and external systems and extract and
integrate it for centralized, systematic management with various interfaces.

Standards compliance

The data dictionary covers words, terms, domains, codes and standardizes data models to ensure consistency.
With continuous monitoring, compliance with data standards and regulations is maintained.

Data standardization

Data dictionary standardizes data by specifying the definitions, descriptions, usage of words, terms domains, and codes.
Additionally, MetaStream supports mapping between technical data assets and business terms,
bridging the gap between business concepts (terms) and technical terminology.

Model management

Provides various functions such as extracting model information, querying and
managing model relationships, analyzing changes, managing indexes, and
generating DDL (Data Definition Language) by integrating with various modeling tools.

Search & navigate

Supports keyword search and browsing of metadata, allowing users to easily
find information such as data types, formats, ownership, purposes, and
relationships with other data through search results or browsing.

Database management

Extract catalog information from various relational databases, provide DB information,
manage change history, and improve table structure by comparing the database with the physical model.

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If you would like to know more about one of our products and how they can help your business, click below and get in touch.