Metadata Management

Instill a common understanding across the enterprise of what
data is, minimizing the risk of data misuse.


  • MetaStream helps instill a common and consistent interpretation of data across the whole enterprise. This ensures that everyone understands the data itself, how and where it is stored, and how it can be utilized.
  • It features a metadata repository that enables you to receive and store metadata from multiple sources. You can also import information from various modeling tools, regularly monitor the status of your metadata management, and auto-generate DDL to deploy a development, test, and operation repository.
  • This will minimize the risk of data misuse due to inconsistent interpretations.

Metadata Capture and Publication ​

MetaStream identifies and captures multiple internal and external metadata sources, including various types of databases, models, ETL, OLAP and XML. It then integrates and manages this information, publishing the organized information through a standardized interface.

Standard Compliance ​

MetaStream reinforces data (word, terminology, domain, and code) and models compliance with its integrated management and regular monitoring function. This makes compliance with legal regulations much easier and business planning more insightful.

Data Standardization ​

MetaStream helps create a data dictionary that identifies the definitions, descriptions, uses of words, terminologies, domains, and codes. It also supports the mapping of technical data assets to business terms, to ensure consistency between business concepts and technical terminologies.​

Model Management ​

MetaStream can connect with a variety of modeling tools to extract model information, inquire and manage model relations, analyze changes, manage indexes, generate DDL, and much more.

Search and Discovery​

MetaStream supports interactive keyword searching and browsing of the metadata with a simple Google-like search function that allows you to easily find out about the type, format, ownership, usage of the data, relations with other data, and more.

Database Management ​

MetaStream can extract catalog information from various types of relational databases. It provides DB object (table, column, index, process) information and manages change history. Table structure can be improved by comparing the database with the physical model.
Unite business and technical views​
Support integrated quality​
Democratize your data

Customer Success Stories

Korea Exchange (KRX)

Establishment of a metadata management system for the Korea Exchange (KRX)

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If you would like to know more about one of our products and how they can help your business, click below and get in touch.