Customer Success Stories

Seoul city

Through consulting and pilot implementation projects to establish a data governance system based on big data integrated storage in Seoul, we have completed the direction and infrastructure design for establishing a big data integrated storage and governance system.


  • Traditional data services make it difficult to create new value
  • The establishment of scientific administration that solves various urban problems with big data, which is the core value of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Need to leverage data integration to foster the data industry
  • The city-level data governance and general deliberation and coordination functions are weak, so it is necessary to establish data governance suitable for the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution


  • Develop data governance strategies and design schemes
    • Define and design a data governance framework
    • Data collection and association interface establishment
    • Design of Big Data Lake Operational Plan
  • Big Data Consolidated Storage Design
    • Define a big data integrated storage architecture to load, manage, and deliver and utilize data held by Seoul City to users
    • Propose a way to align with the data governance framework
    • Establishment of Big Data Storage Target System and Mid- to Long-term Development Direction
  • Data delivery and utilization model design
    • Designing a Data Delivery Service Improvement Model
    • Storage Utilization Value Creation Utilization Model Design


  • Improve data-driven administrative efficiency
    • Improving data-based administrative efficiency by unifying the collection, storage, and utilization system of large-scale data between the public and private sectors of the city
  • Promoting the Development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a Leading Area
    • Promoting the development of Seoul into a leading area of the 4th Industrial Revolution in the future by securing a digital data sharing base, a major resource for future ICT industry development
    • Securing a Data Sharing Foundation by Expanding Access to DB Transfer with Public Data