Customer Success Stories

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In addition to building a flexible and reliable integrated big data platform, it also developed a big data portal based on enterprise data governance to manage data generation cycles and retention periods, monitoring tasks, and managing various rights.


  • Building a Data Management Framework
  • Development of big data portal based on data governance
  • Support a variety of big data analytics activities


  • Integration of data management systems
    • Building an Integrated Big Data Repository
    • Data storage and processing
    • Establishment of enterprise data governance management framework
    • Metadata management and information delivery through big data portal development
    • Building Visualization Analytics


  • Integrated Data Management Framework
    • Building an Integrated Big Data Storage (Data Lake)
    • Store and process structured and unstructured data in an analytical form
    • Establishment of enterprise data governance management framework
    • Building Visualization Analysis with Qliksense
  • Building an Open Analytics Platform
    • Create a user-friendly big data analytics environment
    • Provides a SQL-based analytics environment familiar to common EDW analysts
    • Open information on the use of analysis by task, such as development environment and algorithms, to all analysts
  • Building a Flexible Expansion Platform
    • Build a big data integrated analytics platform that integrates diverse infrastructures
    • FDS Engine Development, Machine Learning Model Development, AI Analysis Server Function and Development Environment Integration
    • Collecting and analyzing social data to enhance marketing, and gathering competitive status information
  • Big Data Portal Development
    • Manage data generation cycles, retention periods, etc. at the data governance level, monitoring tasks, and providing various rights management