Data Lineage

Intuitive and accurate data lineage information through data visualization.
In today’s business environment, the true value of enterprise data comes from turning its data into actionable insights that support decision making. From Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and big data solutions to data fabrics, DataStreams can help enterprises turn logs of data into meaningful insights, minimizing IT costs.

We provide a complete set of data management solutions as a unified infrastructure. From data integration and warehousing to a set of widely trusted data governance solutions, DataStreams powerfully resides over the whole spectrum of all data processes for consistent and trusted data use.

Data Lineage Service Q-Track

Data Lineage Service

When data errors are detected, it becomes possible to trace them back to the source and eliminate bugs that occur during the process of changes. This helps streamline decision-making processes, prevent data loss, and enhance data integrity.

Data flow

Analyze the flow information of data processing tools to generate mapping information and manage metadata flow information through connection and visualization.


Enterprise data flow information can be traced and verified by utilizing a metadata-based data flow analysis engine.

Ideal for data-driven

By securing the flow of where the data comes from and where it goes, data accuracy and system stability are strengthened.

Data transparency

Track all data processes related to data generation, storage, and disposal, increasing transparency and
understanding of information throughout its lifecycle.

Impact analysis

Data flow visualization at the table/column level makes it easy to identify how errors can
impact specific subsystems and analytical content.

Regulatory compliance

The recording of the entire data flow ensures data integrity and transparency.
Users can accurately track the flow of data and
ensure that business operations remain within legal and regulatory boundaries.

Utilizing error correction

By understanding how data is accessed, transformed, and shared throughout the organization,
you can identify which reporting content may be affected by error services.

Customer Success Stories

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We have established an integrated data safety zone operation system by introducing the …

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For the first time in the financial sector, KB Kookmin Bank has established a user …

SK Group

We conducted data governance-based Data Lake construction consulting to effectively …

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If you would like to know more about one of our products and how they can help your business, click below and get in touch.